Downtown Disney

Since our daughter is only 18 months old. We didn’t think it would be worth it to go to Disney World this year; especially since it’s still so hot here (in the 90’s).

Instead, we opted for Downtown Disney which is free and only a 10 minute drive from our resort.

We walked around a bit and Kenley got a new book and stuff lamb (Lambie from Doc McStuffins), thanks to Grandpa.

I stopped in at my favorite Downtown Disney place and took a few deep breaths to enjoy the sugary smell of Goofy’s Candy Co. Here are some pictures from the inside:

Kenley also got to ride her first ever amusement park ride, the Merry-Go-Round. She loved it and didn’t want to get off when the ride was over.


One of the cool geeky things I noticed when I pulled into the new parking garage, is that it said how many spots were available on each floor. It never crossed my mind how it calculated the availability of the spots; until we were leaving.

Over each spot was a light that was green if the spot was available, unlit if the spot was taken or blue if the spot was a handicap spot. Such a cool technology to help people quickly and efficiently find a parking spot.

2015-09-09 17.01.44.jpg






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