My Morning View

We’ve been in Spain more than three weeks now and while a lot of our daily lives are the same (Melody and I are still working during the day), but my morning view is much nicer.

In order to fit all of my work in, I’ve been getting up around 5am each day and get to watch the sunrise around the church bell tower. 

A few more weeks of adventures before we head back to Ohio 🙂







6 responses to “My Morning View”

  1. mukul chand Avatar

    great post

  2. A. I. Sajib Avatar

    What I love most about that picture is that sodium light! I’m not sure if these are sodium lights used in most street lamps, but it sure looks the same. I miss these because the government here in Bangladesh are replacing the sodium lights from street lamps with energy-saving, low-powered white bulbs that look terrible and sad. 🙁

    1. Dustin Hartzler Avatar

      Yeah, the yellow glow is quite calming.

  3. Cesar Abeid Avatar

    Are you close to the real Toledo? 🙂

    1. Dustin Hartzler Avatar

      We are pretty close. We went last year when we were here. It’s an awesome city.

      1. Cesar Abeid Avatar

        They should have Dayton in Spain. Deitón, or something like that.

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