Entering Tasks into OmniFocus

There’s four ways that I get tasks into OmniFocus.


The Omni Group gives each OmniFocus account a private email address that you can send messages to get a task in your Inbox. I’ll do this by forwarding to the OmniFocus task I created in Gmail.

The great thing about this that the body of the email appears in the notes section of the task and it provides me a link back to the email message.

Quick Entry

From anywhere on my computer, I can hit control-option-space (which is a keyboard combination I defined) and a small window appears and I can enter just the task, or I can enter the task, assign it to a project, set a due date and more.

Typically, I just enter the task and move to the correct project later.

quick entry.png

Clippings Sortcut

This is another defined keyboard shortcut, and this one will take any highlighted text and turn it into a task.

It’s really useful when you want to save a URL for use later.

Reminders / Siri

The last way to add items to OmniFocus is with a combination of Siri / Reminders. If I tell Siri to “Remind me to…” it will add to my built in Reminders app, but also push it into OmniFocus. It’s extremely useful when driving or if I want to set a reminde on my watch.






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