The day that Wasn’t

Ever have one of those days where everything is going right and you know you are going to crush your goals?

Today was one of those days for me, well, until 7:30am. 

I’m an early riser, so by 7:30 I had:

  • Done my morning routine brain games (Flow Free, Elevate, and DuoLingo)
  • Recorded this weeks podcast
  • Started working and got caught up with all of things that happened at Automattic since I’d left work the day before
  • Got my daughter up and fed her breakfast
  • Had scrambled eggs for breakfast for myself

I was just finishing up cleaning up the kitchen when our nanny got her and it happened. 

The kitchen sink was clogged. 

I quickly took it apart, hoping there was a bunch of goop in the trap that caused the clog. 

That didn’t help 😢

I started to work while asking some of my local friends if they had a drain snake. 

After CrossFit, I went and picked it up and after a few more errands, started to tackle the clog. 

Well, the 15 foot snake wasn’t long enough to fix anything, so I needed to find a local plumber. 

It took calls to seven plumbers until I found one that could actually help today. 

The blockage ended up being about 35 feet down the pipes, so I had no shot of fixing it myself. 

Next time this happens, I’m not even going to attempt to fix it and I can save myself two hours of frustration. 






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  1. Valentina Avatar

    Oh yes, been there, suffered that! On that day I decided that in my next life I am going to become a plumber! At least in my region there is a serious shortage of those – and corresponding prices to go with it. Turns out most university degrees don’t prepare you for real house-hold situations 😀

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