Here EGO

A few days ago I posted about buying a new reel mower for our grass.

This wasn’t the optimal solution.

If the grass was too long, the mower didn’t work right and my old battery powered Ryobi mower wasn’t holding a charge long enough to mow my whole yard.

After a bit of research, I found that the EGO brand to have the best battery technology on the market, so of course, I had to have one.

On Sunday, I stopped by Home Depot to see if the in person version was as impressive as the reviews were online.

Turns out the reviews were right. EGO has a handful of battery powered outdoor tools and there was a deal on that day to get a leaf blower for $100 off. This included a battery that could also be used on the mower.

I picked up the 21″ self-propelled mower and put it thru the test today.

My goal: mow the whole yard in under an hour.

The self propelled mower has a throttle control and I set it to rabbit speed and took off. I got thru 90% of the yard before the battery died. I used the smaller leaf blower battery to finish off the yard.

The whole yard was done in 40 minutes. Fastest I’ve ever finished completely mowing the yard.

Then I trimmed and cleaned up with the leaf blower and was done in under an hour.

The gear is expensive, but it has the power of the gas powered equivalents.


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