Podcast Listening Trifecta

I’ve been listening to podcast since 2007 when I had an hour-long commute to my corporate job at Whirlpool.

Upon graduation, I bought my first iPod; a 30GB video click wheel model.

Since I had a long drive, 5 days a week, I would load up on financial podcasts (like the Dave Ramsey Show) and Mac podcasts (Mac OS Ken and MacBreak Weekly to name a few). It thrilled me that my shows would download to my computer overnight and once I plugged in the iPod to my computer, all the content would sync.

I’d then use my 3.5mm jack to cassette adapter to listen to my shows in the car.

After awhile, I enjoyed the drive more than my job as I was inspired by content I was listening to.

Back then, you didn’t see many people walking around with ear buds in their ears. So I only listened to shows while in the car.

That was 10 years ago.

Today my podcast listening experience looks much different. Today I used these three items to listen to podcasts:

  • AirPods
  • MacBook Pro
  • Apple Watch

I started my day as I have the last few weeks, by holding our 4 week old son so my wife could get a few more minutes of sleep (he’s a noisy sleeper, ha!). I put in one of the AirPods and listened to a few short shows as I sat in silence.

After I dropped my daughter off at school, I plugged my phone into the AUX port in the car and listened to a show while I navigated to the library while I worked while she was at school.

I set up shop and connected my AirPods to my computer. While I was doing some brain-power-free items on my task list, I used the PodcastMenu app to list to shows saved in Overcast.

Later this afternoon, I again used the AirPods while pulling some weeds / mowing the grass. The mundane work is much more in enjoyable with an inspiring podcast.

Lastly, I got the baby to sleep around dinner time (with again, one AirPod in) and was listening to a show, but oh no! My phone was much too far for me to reach and I didn’t want to risk waking the baby to move to a new show.

Since I have an Overcast app on my watch, I was able to gently move my hands together and queue up another show.

The star of this whole show is the Apple AirPods. It’s so handy to listen with only one earbud in (so I can hear other things) and not have any wires anywhere.






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