April 2017 Recap

I’m quite certain that was April was the fastest month in history, well it seemed like it to us anyways.

Here’s what happened this month:

  • I ran the shuttle service on Mon / Wed / Fri for our daughter to go to preschool and Thu afternoons for swim lessons (got to get ready for swim season!)
  • Bought a sweet new mower so I can now cut my grass in record time. And it’s battery operated, so double yeah!
  • We made a few trips to the chiropractor to make sure our bodies are in alignment and that baby’s is too.
  • Lots of playing kitchen / restaurant with our three year old. She has quite the imagination.
  • I read Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution and Guilty Minds which makes 12 books for the year. I’m a book ahead of my pace to read 35 books this year.
  • Enjoyed watching the Cleveland Cavaliers sweep the Indiana Pacers in the first round of the NBA playoffs.
  • With the combination of my Apple AirPods and holding my son for nap times, I’ve managed to cut back my podcast queue back from ~100 shows to 40 shows. My goal is to eliminate about 10 from the queue each week and be 100% caught up by the end of my paternity leave (which will be about the time I get 100 behind again 😛 )
  • And in the last two weeks, I’ve been working my way through the Full Stack Javascript on Treehouse. I currently have 39 more hours to go before I’m an *expert*, ha! Javascript is an interesting programming language and I’ve been having a blast, even though I’m only able to work thru the materials at night when I’m tired.






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