House Update – November 2018

We started the month off anticipating that we would be moved in by month’s end, but due to a few delays, everything wasn’t finished up.

One of the big delays was about the driveway. The engineers had spec’d the driveway to be a width of ten feet wide, but the HOA covenants states that all driveways must be 16 feet.

This all took an extra two weeks to figure out and ultimately we got the wider driveway. It will be nice when our kiddos are driving to have the extra space.

Other than the driveway, here’s what happened during the month:

  • Drywall was completed
  • Tin roof above porch was added. This makes everything completely waterproofed
  • Furnace was turned on and house began to warm up. Great for letting the drywall mud and paint dry
  • Paint! The ceilings and walls got their first and second coats of paint
  • The brick crew came back and finished up their work outside and we are pleased with the results
  • Our trim carpenters have been their twice getting all the cabinets set and hung, all the baseboard trim and all the doors hung
  • We got most of the stone around the living room fireplace
  • More than a ton of granite was delivered and installed. The one piece island is awesome and it weighs 1200 pounds
  • The flooring is in. Hardwood and vinyl planks went in around the middle of the month and carpet was installed at the end. This really makes it feel like home.
  • The rod iron handrails are installed and make the house safe for little man. He can no longer try to jump off the openings around the stairs.
  • The first pass at electric was completed. Outlets, switches and lights were installed. Side note, there are a ton of recessed lights.

We finally have a close date of December 13th. This will give us two days for moving / unpacking before we head out on a trip with Melody’s family.

I write this on the plane as we are heading to the annual mid-year pharmacy conference. Melody is giving a talk and the rest of us are tagging along so we can go to Disneyland for a couple of days.

The house will be all done when we get home. I said it was going to be like the big reveal on an HGTV show. The only way to keep me away for the final touches is for me to be on a trip 😀






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