The annoying click

A few weeks ago, a friend used our car to drive the kids home and they suggested they wanted to watch a movie (which we never use, since ugh DVDs are awful).

The disc was loaded incorrectly into the CD drive and it wasn’t in the tray right. It’s a six disc changer and if it’s not in there right, then every time you open the door (even with the key off), the CD player tries to get the disk ready to play with 15 seconds of clicking.

It’s extremely annoying and I couldn’t handle it anymore.

I decided to take the thing apart and rip the disk out if I had to.

Getting the radio unit wasn’t hard. Two pieces of trim needed popped off, then four bolts removed and a bunch of wires were unplugged.

Twenty eight screws later, I finally had the disk out. Problem solved!

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