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The Great Consolidation of 2023

I like to think that I’m a neat and organized person.

And with physical things, I’m really good. But when it comes to digital things, I’ve got clutter everywhere.

Files on the desktop and downloads folder that need to be properly filed. Videos that need to be archived on an external raid hard drive.

But the thing that’s probably the most cluttered is my note taking tools.

I’ve been recording Your Website Engineer podcasts for almost 13 years (started in December 2010) and I’ve used the following apps to capture my notes for each show:

  • Evernote
  • Workflowy
  • Apple Notes
  • Day One
  • Notion

In the few months that are remaining this year, I’ll be working at getting all the 500+ podcast shows all in Notion. It seems like the best tool for right now. I can filter the shows based on tags and there’s even an AI tool that’s built-in that can help with generating the content.

Now let’s see if I can accomplish it before the novelty wears off and I’m geared up for another project.






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