Long Day of Travel

We left the hotel at 5:15am and started our journey towards Atlanta. Melody was able to get our flight changed to be a day earlier, but we had to drive to the airport.

The journey should take about 6.5 hours, but with all of the evacuees heading out at the same time, we got there in 11.5 hours. We ended up taking alternative routes the whole way there so we didn’t get stuck in gridlocked traffic.

We also stopped four times for gas/bathrooms.

And the kids slept great once we got in. Buddy boy really likes the boy doll Grandma got him.

Learn Spanish with Memrise

I’ve been using Duolingo for about the last two years trying to up my Spanish fluency. 

Yesterday I downloaded Memrise (again, as I’ve used it before) to my phone again to give me a new challenge. 

This app seems to focus on listening, which is usually the hardest part about learning a language, able to hear was a fast native tongue says. 

I haven’t outgrown the free plan yet, so it’s free to try 🙂

My Morning View

We’ve been in Spain more than three weeks now and while a lot of our daily lives are the same (Melody and I are still working during the day), but my morning view is much nicer.

In order to fit all of my work in, I’ve been getting up around 5am each day and get to watch the sunrise around the church bell tower. 

A few more weeks of adventures before we head back to Ohio 🙂

Travel Woes

Today we wrapped up our team meetup in Austin and we all headed our separate ways.

One of the benefits of working at Automattic is that we can choose flights with times/layovers that are most convenient for us.

Today’s my wife’s birthday and I planned on getting home by 5pm so we could celebrate by going out to dinner.

Everything was going well until I got to the Dallas airport (DFW). Our flight was originally delayed by 30 minutes. And then 30 more minutes. It finally ended up boarding more than 2 hours late and we left nearly 3 hours late.

Now I’m going to have to book it home to have a chance to see my daughter before she goes to sleep.

I can understand that weather related delays will happen, but my flight was delayed because our plane was parked somewhere else and we had to wait for two hours for someone to drive the plane to the gate.

Oh, the joys of flying.