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  • Small Plane, Big Plane

  • Travel Day

    On my way to Automattic’s annual Grand Meetup. 

  • Wearing our babies

    We made it home from our trip yesterday, but I didn’t include this picture of how we navigated thru the Atlanta airport.  Way way way better than pushing a stroller thru the airport 🙂

  • Matching Travel Buddies

  • Long Day of Travel

    We left the hotel at 5:15am and started our journey towards Atlanta. Melody was able to get our flight changed to be a day earlier, but we had to drive to the airport. The journey should take about 6.5 hours, but with all of the evacuees heading out at the same time, we got there…

  • Getting Ready for Irma

    We are on vacation in Daytona Beach and the hotel staff is preparing for hurricane Irma by playing sand bags everywhere.  We will be leaving tomorrow before they evacuate the entire resort. 

  • Ready for the Beach

    Waiting to go to the beach with Grandpa. 

  • Sleeping on the Plane

  • And they fit!

    A sample run of both the car seats in their bags. Too bad I have to unpack them so the kids can ride in them to the airport, then pack them back up before flying. 

  • Little bit of wiring

    To get ready for our trip to Florida, I had to install a lighting kit for the travel trailer to get our luggage to the airport.  Took more time to take the car apart than it did to install the cable. 

  • Rocking the WordPress Shades at Podcast Movement

  • Nice Upgrade

    I woke up to an email from Delta letting me know they upgraded the first leg of my journey home to first class.  I’m pretending that they think I’m extra special and will get upgraded on every flight from now on. 😂

  • Learn Spanish with Memrise

    I’ve been using Duolingo for about the last two years trying to up my Spanish fluency.  Yesterday I downloaded Memrise (again, as I’ve used it before) to my phone again to give me a new challenge.  This app seems to focus on listening, which is usually the hardest part about learning a language, able to…

  • Full Car

    We always come home from Grandma and Grandpa’s with more than we bring. 

  • Another Car Milestone

    I really wanted to keep our 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix until it turned to 200,000 miles. Well, we surpassed that quite awhile ago and got 215,000 yesterday. 

  • Tax Time Sunday

    Spent time today entering all of our expenses from Spain into a spreadsheet so we can deduct them from our taxes.  Next time, I’m going to spend a few minutes each day documenting rather than several hours at time. 

  • My Morning View

    My Morning View

    We’ve been in Spain more than three weeks now and while a lot of our daily lives are the same (Melody and I are still working during the day), but my morning view is much nicer. In order to fit all of my work in, I’ve been getting up around 5am each day and get…

  • Café de Monde

    Apparently when you come to New Orleans you have to get beignets from Café de Monde.   

  • Eating at Mother’s

    You have to have Jumbalaya when in New Orleans, so I enjoyed Jerry’s Jumbalaya for lunch today. And you know what they say, the longer the line, the better the food. And the line was long and the food was really good 🙂  

  • The Future is Now

    The Future is Now

    Checked into my flight to Charlotte today with a QR code on my wrist. Worked well and was nice to not be carrying a ticket as I boarded the plane.

  • Travel Woes

    Today we wrapped up our team meetup in Austin and we all headed our separate ways. One of the benefits of working at Automattic is that we can choose flights with times/layovers that are most convenient for us. Today’s my wife’s birthday and I planned on getting home by 5pm so we could celebrate by…