July 2017 Recap

Each month I have a reminder to write down a summary of what happened during the month, and each month, I snooze it until next month. But not today 🙂

Lots went on in July. Here’s some of the highlights.

  • First full* month back to work after paternity leave. *I didn’t actually work the full month and had plenty of days off.
  • I grew some gigantic zucchini
  • Ate donuts and travelled to Nashville for the weekend
  • Started checking my email less, and when I do check it, plow thru all the messages
  • Started working on my Spanish with the Memrise app
  • Hosted a block party at our house to meet some of the neighbors we’ve never talked to in the seven years we’ve lived at our house
  • Celebrated 10 years of marriage
  • Competed in my first ever CrossFit competiton and was sore for a good 5 days
  • Started to up my programming skills by using Apple’s Swift Playgrounds. It’s almost like a game and super fun
  • Our son turned 4 months, began rolling and nearly has two bottom teeth


In July I read two fiction books and parts of several non-fiction books. I completed:

  • Camino Island by John Grisham
  • No Middle Name: short stories about Jack Reacher by Lee Child

I’m still working thru Tim Ferris’ Tools of the Titans and Deep Work by Cal Newport. Let’s see if I can finish these up by the end of the month.

November 2015: Monthly Review

I’m going to start publishing a monthly recap at the end of each month detailing my habits, projects, and tinkerings. Inspired by my coworker Jeremey (I’m mimicking his format).

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted last, I guess I got a bit lazy after my consecutive streak ended. It’s time to start the streak again.

November was the first month since March that I didn’t travel at all during the month. Most of those months were short trips, but I’ve still traveled a fair bit in 2015.

Monthly Goals

  • Learn to type Dvorak. Partial win. What’s Dvorak, you ask? It’s an alternative keyboard layout where the keys are more ergonomically placed. I started the month typing at speeds of almost 30 WPM. Today, I’m averaging more than 45 WPM.
  • Continue to become stronger / build endurance. Win. I’ve been going to CrossFit every week day and I’m slowly mastering all of the moves and adding more weight to the bar.
  • Read three books. At the beginning of the year, I set a goal of reading 12 non-fiction books and I’ve gotten a bit behind. It’s still possible to hit the goal by reading about a book a week in December.

What habits did I focus on?

  • Learning Dvorak. I’ve spent more than 10 hours working on drills to make me a faster typer. I’ll see the benefits of being able to type at more than 80 WPM soon 🙂

What did I publish?

Books I Read:

Looking forward to November

Goals I want to complete:

  • Take an online course to master GitHub. I want to learn how to properly make a pull request and fix broken code or add enhancements.
  • Outline the content for Your Website Engineer. The hardest part about producing a weekly show is coming up with the ideas. I want to map out next year so I can be ready to create podcasts and videos for my audience.
  • Type at 70+ WPM by the end of the month. It’s frustrating to type so slow.
  • Daily Blogging. I want to post something here every day.

Habit I want to focus on:

Inbox Zero. I maintained inbox zero daily for the first few months of 2015, but let this habit slip as well. My goal is to completely empty my inbox at least Monday-Friday (goal of 20 times in the month).