So small

Here’s a picture of our daughter three years ago at 6.5 weeks old(curtesy of Facebook):

And here is my son at 5 weeks old:

I think he’s going to be a bit bigger than her 😜

Didn’t Last Long

I had the fastest time for today’s CrossFit workout, until the afternoon class came in. 

Five rounds of

  • 5-10-5 Shuttle Run
  • 12 Hand release push-ups
  • 24 Sit-ups 
  • 48 Double Unders

I got the first 4 rounds of double unders unbroken and got tripped up after 32 in the final round 😢

Podcast Listening Trifecta

I’ve been listening to podcast since 2007 when I had an hour-long commute to my corporate job at Whirlpool.

Upon graduation, I bought my first iPod; a 30GB video click wheel model.

Since I had a long drive, 5 days a week, I would load up on financial podcasts (like the Dave Ramsey Show) and Mac podcasts (Mac OS Ken and MacBreak Weekly to name a few). It thrilled me that my shows would download to my computer overnight and once I plugged in the iPod to my computer, all the content would sync.

I’d then use my 3.5mm jack to cassette adapter to listen to my shows in the car.

After awhile, I enjoyed the drive more than my job as I was inspired by content I was listening to.

Back then, you didn’t see many people walking around with ear buds in their ears. So I only listened to shows while in the car.

That was 10 years ago.

Today my podcast listening experience looks much different. Today I used these three items to listen to podcasts:

  • AirPods
  • MacBook Pro
  • Apple Watch

I started my day as I have the last few weeks, by holding our 4 week old son so my wife could get a few more minutes of sleep (he’s a noisy sleeper, ha!). I put in one of the AirPods and listened to a few short shows as I sat in silence.

After I dropped my daughter off at school, I plugged my phone into the AUX port in the car and listened to a show while I navigated to the library while I worked while she was at school.

I set up shop and connected my AirPods to my computer. While I was doing some brain-power-free items on my task list, I used the PodcastMenu app to list to shows saved in Overcast.

Later this afternoon, I again used the AirPods while pulling some weeds / mowing the grass. The mundane work is much more in enjoyable with an inspiring podcast.

Lastly, I got the baby to sleep around dinner time (with again, one AirPod in) and was listening to a show, but oh no! My phone was much too far for me to reach and I didn’t want to risk waking the baby to move to a new show.

Since I have an Overcast app on my watch, I was able to gently move my hands together and queue up another show.

The star of this whole show is the Apple AirPods. It’s so handy to listen with only one earbud in (so I can hear other things) and not have any wires anywhere.

Happy Easter

Here’s the best picture we could put together of all of us as the day didn’t quite go as planned. 

Amongst the tears and nap of big sister and a blowout diaper from the little man, our coordinating outfits were not captured in one frame. 

However, we were able to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior as a family. He is Risen!

Here EGO

A few days ago I posted about buying a new reel mower for our grass.

This wasn’t the optimal solution.

If the grass was too long, the mower didn’t work right and my old battery powered Ryobi mower wasn’t holding a charge long enough to mow my whole yard.

After a bit of research, I found that the EGO brand to have the best battery technology on the market, so of course, I had to have one.

On Sunday, I stopped by Home Depot to see if the in person version was as impressive as the reviews were online.

Turns out the reviews were right. EGO has a handful of battery powered outdoor tools and there was a deal on that day to get a leaf blower for $100 off. This included a battery that could also be used on the mower.

I picked up the 21″ self-propelled mower and put it thru the test today.

My goal: mow the whole yard in under an hour.

The self propelled mower has a throttle control and I set it to rabbit speed and took off. I got thru 90% of the yard before the battery died. I used the smaller leaf blower battery to finish off the yard.

The whole yard was done in 40 minutes. Fastest I’ve ever finished completely mowing the yard.

Then I trimmed and cleaned up with the leaf blower and was done in under an hour.

The gear is expensive, but it has the power of the gas powered equivalents.


I Know You’re Mad at United but… (Thoughts from a Pilot Wife About Flight 3411)

I don’t follow the news much (or ever!), but I did hear about the United story. Very informative article by a pilot’s wife.

The Pilot Wife Life

If there’s one thing I have learned over the years, it’s that there are always two sides to every story.

On April 9th, a very unfortunate incident played out on United Flight 3411, the video of which has since gone viral causing a mass social media uprising with an ‘off-with-their-heads’ mentality. I mean, across the board. Fire ’em all and let the gods sort it out later.

Look, I get it. When I first saw the video I was appalled too. To say that it was inflammatory would be putting it mildly. But it was also a situation that was escalated far beyond the boundaries of necessity.

If a federal law enforcement officer asks me to exit a plane, no matter how royally pissed off I am, I’m going to do it and then seek other means of legal reimbursement. True story.

Knowing what I know about airport security, I’m

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Melody Opening Things

I got this idea from my colleague Joel as my wife also tends to destroy things when she opens them.

Here’s the most recent victim:


Not sure why the box had to be mangled into an unusable state, but now I have a brick of cream cheese that’s just waiting to get smashed in my fridge 😛

Aqua Tots

Someone had her first swim lesson today where she got in the pool without mommy or daddy. 

She wasn’t too sure about it at the time, but later she said she had a lot of fun. 

We’ll see how next week goes. It’s getting close to pool time 😉

A New Toy

Today I gave this reel mower a spin. 

I’ve got a smallish yard and thought a non-electric mower would work better than always charging my batteries for my Ryobi mower. 

It did not do well on my thick, six-inch grass and was nearly impossible to push. 

I’m definitely going to wait to give my final review until I try cutting the grass in a week or so. 

A Gift from Work 

I am certainly blessed to work at a company like Automattic, where I get to spend my days working on helping people use WordPress/WooCommerce better. 

And if giving new dads three months leave for paternity wasn’t a big enough benefit, we got this package in the mail the other day for baby Kellen. 

Thanks Automattic! Can I get a WordPress tag blanket large enough to cover my 6’3″ body? 😉

Not at the Beach

This little guy had a minor surgery today to correct his lip and tongue tie. 

Basically, his upper lip and tongue doesn’t have the full range of movement with makes nursing a lot of work for him. 

Special thanks to Dr. Noestine for a quick procedure with a laser. 

No Wonder It’s So Expensive 

I switched to Time Warner Cable’s Spectrum Internet last month, yet every week I get a letter in the mail with a “special offer” I cannot use because I’m already a customer. 

If they’d stop advertising to their own customers, I bet the could charge less for their service. 

Initial Impression: Apple AirPods

I got a pair of Apple AirPods this week and I’m impressed with them.

I’ve had a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones for awhile (Bragi) but they are too cumbersome to set up for 5-10 minutes of podcast listening.

I’m able to catch up with podcasts in the early morning as that’s my designated time to keep little man asleep 🙂

One other cool thing is I can connect them to an AppleTV and have no audio playing in the room. Since all of our television content comes thru an AppleTV and we have a new born baby, this might be my favorite way to watch television.

A New Normal

Today starts my first day of my three month paternity leave from Automattic. I’m extremely blessed to spend the next 90 days with my kids (woah, that sounds weird 🙂). 

All of my notifications from work are turned off and I’ll catch up on things when I return towards the end of June. 

Until then, I think I’ll be trying to get stuff done around the house like this:

Spanish BINGO

There was a carnival today at K’s school and we helped her play BINGO.

It was a bit challenging for her because (1) she didn’t really understand the rules / gameplay and (2) she only knows Spanish numbers up to 20.

Nonetheless she ended up winning!


Snap Power

Tonight I installed a new nightlight for the hallway as our three year old is potty trained and I wanted to give her a little light without a bulky night light and found this cool outlet cover by Snap Power.

This cover is super easy to install at it pulls power from the outlet. The spec sheet says the batteries will last for 25 years using about $0.10 of power per year.

The screws on the side of the outlet were not tightened, so the two minute installation turned into about fifteen.

Overall, I’m real happy with it and excited to see how it looks when it pitch dark upstairs.

Plus, their store is built on WordPress and WooCommerce 🙂

March Madness Begins

The title is twofold.

Yes, the NCAA March Madness tournament starts today. And the remaining parts of March could be quite crazy with the birth of our son.

As the tournament starts, it reminds me when I was in college a handful of friends drove down from Ohio Northern to watch the opening round game. It was worth the $5 cost of admission to be at the game and one year, ESPN even captured us on camera rooting for LeHigh University as they came back from a commercial break.

Here are some pictures from the tournament game in 2005.

Saved Four Hours

I got an email today from Text Expander that last month I saved four hours of typing by using short snippets that expand on my Mac. Most of the snippets are for replies at work, but some are for personal.

A few examples:

  • dde expands for my personal email address
  • hhome expands for my home address
  • llog asks for a WooCommerce customer to send log in details to their site
  • ccode tells customers that we do not support custom code
  • and I have a ton that point people to specific products of ours


Brand Camp University, WordPress and TechTown Detroit partner to bring 100 Detroit businesses online

Fun event that I participated in a few weeks ago in Detroit.

Hajj Flemings - I am Design

Hack Detroit Day 2 Tours-9343-01

The first nine businesses in the 100 Project to launch new websites went live today, March 9, 2017.

Nine Detroit small businesses have new websites created pro bono by developers from San Francisco-based Automattic (the for profit arm of WordPress), part of a citywide initiative to get 100 businesses online by 2nd quarter of this year. The new websites were created during a 48-hour Super Bowl Weekend blitz as part of the 100 Project, program of Detroit-based Brand Camp University in partnership with WordPress and TechTown Detroit.

Brand Camp University’s mission is to help businesses tell their story via brand strategy, workshops and mentoring. Brand Camp’s 100 Project seeks to eliminate the digital gap that exists in so many communities that the Super Bowl weekend pilot project aimed to establish a digital presence for neighborhood businesses increasing their accessibility and their bottom line. The genesis of this project was…

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