100 Days of Code

In 2017, one of my goals is to become a better developer.

I spend a lot of time troubleshooting with customers for my day job at Automattic, but I don’t have the skills to fix any code.

While I’ve called myself a developer in the past, I’m more of a tinkerer type of developer. I can take someone’s code and modify it to work as I need, but my skills are highly lacking when it comes writing code from scratch.

This will change in 2017.

I found a group of aspiring developers who are challenging each other to spend 100 days of an hour each day working on their coding skills.

Here are the details if you want to join.

I started Day 1 today as I’m pretty sure I’ll only get to 80ish days before being interrupted by the birth of Baby Hartzler.

My plan is to wrap up a lot of the outstanding projects I’ve been putting off for awhile, like some new features to YourWebsiteEngineer.com and work on my plugin in the WordPress Repository As Heard On






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