A Bit of Planning

I haven’t set many goals for this year, as I know life will turn all kinds of crazy in about 60 days with a newborn and three year old, but I have spent a bit of time adding new rituals/habits to my daily life. 

They are as follows:

  • Train my brain daily with an iOS app called Elevate
  • Practice my Spanish with iOS app DuoLingo
  • Read daily devotional by Tony Dungy and journal thoughts / prayers
  • Spend ten minutes a day working on typing drills to improve my typing speed 
  • Work on my programming skills for at least an hour
  • Post daily to this blog
  • Read daily
  • Stretch by following an online class called RomWOD

So far, I’ve finished all of these all 20 days of the year. 

I can’t say for certain I’m getting much better in any one of them, but come December 31st, I’m sure I’ll see huge progress. 

The image shows a few books coming up on my reading list. 






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