Project Simplify

In January, I set out on an initiative to get rid of excess stuff in my life.

I think I heard this on the Minimalist podcast, but the premise is to remove items that have no use or bring you no joy from your life.

So on January 1st, I found a useless trinket in my office and pitched it. Then, the next day, I found two things and the day after three things. Each day, I found items to remove from my life. I was successful except for the last two days.

I ran out of time to find 30 and 31 items to get rid of for those last two days in January.

All in all I removed 435 books, clothes, useless swag, misc items from around my house and I’m pretty sure that:

  1. I won’t miss any of them
  2. No one noticed (since there is still a lot of stuff in our house)

My plan is to continue simplifying my life in February and see if I can eliminate another 400+ items.






2 responses to “Project Simplify”

  1. Joey Avatar

    Are you still doing today? I like their Minimalists podcast, too! I’ve watched their documentary and read two books, too. It really makes sense to own only things that add value to my life. Sometimes not easy with my wife and son (they often hold onto things that they no longer use, becos of “just in case”), but at least I own very few things and feel freer and lighter! By the way, Joshua and Ryan are also from Dayton. I guess you know it. 🙂

  2. Dustin Hartzler Avatar

    I’ve been pretty lax on getting rid of stuff this month. I did it for the first 14 days, then fell off the bandwagon 🙂

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