I enjoy finding Mac apps that help me stay more organized and Franz is the perfect app for that.

A friend of mine pointed out this app at WordCamp Cincinnati and I’ve been using ever since (mid October).

Essentially Franz is a website wrapper where you can run multiple messaging apps like Slack, Facebook Messenger, GroupMe, Skype and more all from one window.

I’ve been using it for web applications that I use daily but don’t want to keep tabs open for them in my browser. Here are the four things I am currently using Franz for:

  • Slack at Automattic. This is our main method of communication at our company
  • Dustin’s Daily Task List. This is a P2 where I track all the things I accomplish in a day
  • Brain.FM. This is a custom integration I built to play the Brain.FM music while I work
  • Slack for Dayton WordPress. Easy access to talk with the other organizers for WordCamp Dayton







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