10 Years!

Today we celebrated our ten year anniversary. 

Usually we would have liked to celebrate with a trip to somewhere with a beach, but with little man only being 4 months old, figured we’d postpone a trip until next year. 

So our every-five-year-picture-in-a-picture was a boring shot in our backyard. 


And as a tradition, I didn’t buy any gifts or a card (as cards are an expensive waste of someone else’s words) but wrote a poem in Melody’s book of cards. 

Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

Did you know that we’ve been married for 521 weeks / 315 million seconds?

Time for a poem to celebrate 🙂

Ten years ago it was a day

straight from heaven

We got to celebrate with our

friends in 2007

Nine years ago we 

adjusted to married life,

we lived on a college campus

as husband and wife

Eight years ago we 

bought something new

a new car for us

that definitely wasn’t blue

Seven years ago we

moved to the city

that place in Galena

sure was pretty

Six years ago we

moved out ‘west’

so far I can say

I like this house best

Five years ago we

took a trip to paradise

the hiking and the beaches

certainly were nice

Four years ago we

went to Spain and more

lugged suitcases around

and wished to stay on the first floor 

Three years ago we

got ready for baby one

before kids, remember

how much we could get done?

Two years ago we 

had fun with our first baby

oh that time was a delight,

but she was such a crybaby

One year ago we

were in Spain on a fun trip

we explored a lot on planes,

trains, busses but not a ship

Now it’s time to 

celebrate year number ten

I can believe how much

has happened since then

Junk stores, blogs, and 

speaking gigs oh my

I’m excited to see the other

things that will make the years pass by

Thank you for being 

on this journey with me

maybe on our 20th

we can spend it in Hawaii






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