Upcoming Eclipse

I barely use social media, but I’m hearing all kinds of things about this upcoming eclipse on Monday.

  • Overheard someone at church say that their school is taking a calamity day on Monday due to the eclipse
  • Our babysitter mentioned using a cereal box to make the viewing lens
  • Someone in Dayton bought all of the eclipse glasses from Kroger stores and is selling them out of random parking lots around the city
  • I’ve read an article about how people regret looking directly at the sun at one of the eclipses in the 1970s and now I’m paranoid that when I see a fuzzy spot in my eye I’ve somehow sunburnt my eye
  • My wife is telling me that my plan of using a welding helmet is not safe enough to look directly at the sun
  • What takes the cake is that my Nest Thermostat wanted to know if I wanted to participate in Eclipse Rush Hour to save energy

Maybe it will be cloudy on Monday and all this hype will be for naught.

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