House Update – Weeks 3 & 4

Week three started off with a bang as we finally got the footers poured for the basement walls. This was 11 days after the footers were set. The combination of rainy weather and waiting for an inspection was the reason for the delays.

Over the next two days, the forms came off the poured footers and Kellen and I got to see them “sling” rock into the hole. That was definitely cool.

Then all progress stopped.

Another 11 days and no activity. The 4th of July holiday fell into this window, which played a part in the scheduling.

After talking to our project superintendent, it’s not like anyone was purposefully stalling, it’s just that all the crews are building lots of houses this summer. And there’s only a handful of companies that have the forms for the basement walls.

One thing that I did this week (because I’m super impatient 🙂 ) was I set up a Ring doorbell on a stake in the corner of our yard. This way I can see if anything is happening before wasting time driving past.

You can’t see too much detail, but I see if walls are brought in and when framing happens, I’ll be able to see that too.


We’re scheduled to get the foundation this week. Let’s see if it happens!






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