Horrible April Fool’s Joke

Carte di credito e tastiera

Yesterday I got a call from our credit card company validating an $8.90 charge to a glass stemware company in Alabama, uh, no.

After a few minutes on the phone and validating all the other recent charges were legit, the card number was shut down. It’s not a big deal, I don’t have to pay for the fraudulent charge and a new card is on my way tomorrow.

But it is annoying for two reasons:

First, I have my credit card number memorized so it’s quick and convenient for me to purchase things online. I memorized it after several times trying to purchase something on my computer and I didn’t have my wallet with me.

Second, I now have to go thru and update my payment information for all of the companies that I have automatically drafted each month to our card. If I were to guess, I probably have 15 different places I now have to update once I get our new card.

If only this was an April Fool’s joke!

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