Getting Dressed Up

Tonight my wife was inducted into the Ohio Pharmacists Association (OPA) Board of Trustees with a semi-formal dinner banquet.

Now I’m not normally drug (no pun intended) to these types of things, but since we have a brand new baby that’s getting 100% of her nutrition from Mommy, I got to attend.

For this special occasion, I had the privilege of dressing up, dress pants, shirt, tie, and dress shoes. I can’t remember the last time I looked so fancy.

Typically, I wear mesh shorts and a t-shirt. If I have to leave the house, I’ll change into jeans.

Okay, back to getting ready to go.

After successfully picking out a tie, since my wife didn’t like the first two options I suggested, I attempted to tie the tie.

Tying a tie is like riding a bike right? Once you learn, you’ll never forget.

Well, I could remember the process of double loop, pull up from the bottom and tuck, but I couldn’t remember how the long the short end of the tie needed to be.2014-04-05 23.31.11

My first try resulted in my tie almost reaching my belly button.

Tries 2 – 5 resulted in a tie that was much too long.

Attempts 6 and 7 again resulted in a tie too short.

Finally on the 8th attempt, I finally got it.

And I have to admit, I look pretty good in a tie.

I’ll try wearing one again in about 6 months 🙂






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