I’m a fan of streaks

For some reason, I’m a big fan of consistently starting habits and doing each habit everyday.

Here are a few of my active streaks:

  • 4 days of posting on DustinHartzler.com
  • 5 days of uploading code to GitHub (I was at 63 days before I forgot to post when we were at a hotel with incredibly slow wifi)
  • 40 days of hitting all Apple Watch Move goals (stand in 12 different hours, 30 minutes of physical activity, and 600 active calories burnt)
  • 47 days of using the DuoLingo app to learn Spanish. I got a notice this morning that I am 7% fluent in Spanish
  • 247 days of using the Elevate App; an app that trains your brain to be smarter
  • 248 weeks in a row I’ve released a podcast episode at YourWebsiteEngineer.com






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  1. Saravanan S Avatar

    You’re an inspiration Dustin!

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