Hands on with the iPhone 6s

I’m a big fan of Apple gadgets, especially new iPhones.

Last Friday, I got the new iPhone 6s 64GB in Silver. My last phone was the 5s and I see some major improvements with this new version.

  • TouchID is fast. Like wicked fast. I cannot use my thumb to press the home button otherwise I won’t see my missed notifications that I might have missed. This is also great for locking my phone down with a long secure password.
  • The size is great. It was a hard decision to choose between the regular or the plus version of the phone. I went with the smaller one as it’s a step up from the 5s, but I’d love to try the plus out and ditch my iPad and only have one device. Luckily, I’m contract free, so when I have an extra $1000 laying around, I might pick up the bigger phone. This one feels perfect in my hand and after a few days I can’t believe I used the tiny 5s for so long.
  • Restoring from iTunes is superior. When I’ve gotten new phones in the past, I’ve always backed up to iCloud then restored from iCloud. This is a pain because all your apps have to be downloaded again. If you do an encrypted backup from iTunes (with a password), your entire phone is cloned. I was up and running with my new device in less than thirty minutes.
  • Extra row of apps. I try to use as few of app screens as possible on my phone and put all the apps that I occasionally use in folders and just search for the app when I need them. It was hard to decide with four additional apps to add to the home screen. I finally opted for ESPN, Calendar, Elevate and the YouVersion Bible App.






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  1. Paul Ciano Avatar

    Encrypted local backups FTW!

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