Today ends my 30 day challenge that I set at the beginning of September to post everyday on my blog. And I’m happy to say that I successfully completed the challenge 🙂

Here’s a few thoughts from the past few weeks:

  • It’s easy to come up with blog topics while traveling (which I did twice this month). When I don’t leave the house, it gets tougher.
  • Some days it would take me all day to come up with an idea to write a post about.
  • Other days, I’d have a great idea and put it off until the last minute and realize it would take to long, so just did a short post instead.
  • It’s super easy to get photos taken with the phone uploaded to your blog with the iPhone app. This was my go to method for adding pictures. Sometimes I would simply upload the photo, save it as a draft, then write the post on my computer.
  • Posting daily helps me to figure out a creative way or idea to share.

I’m going to continue the streak thru October and see if I can post interesting things for 31 more days. Luckily I have a couple of work trips coming up that will help me to have something interesting to post about.






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