Best Nine

These images don’t convey all the awesomeness of 2016, but it does a good job hightlighting the past 365 days.


Summary of the pictures left to right, top to bottom

1 – Our little girl announcing that she will be a big sister next year

2 – Normally bedtime is a struggle at Team Hartzler Headquarters, but she is so precious when she is actually sleeping

3 – Traveling from Ohio to Spain is exhausting for a two year old

4 – Beautiful sunset this spring at our house

5 – Annual apple picking and applesauce making this fall

6 – Our princess got a new bed this week; she’s no longer a baby

7 – WordCamp Europe in Austria this summer

8 – A dirt path in Austin Texas, that I turned into an impromtu CrossFit workout space for a team meetup back in April

9 – Annual BBQ Fest in my home town (Orrville Ohio) in August






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