January Recap

Hard to believe January has come and gone and we are one month into 2017. This year sure is flying.

January has been a really productive month for me and I continue to rely on OmniFocus to let me know what I should be doing each day.

Since I’ve added my habits and rituals, I’m pleased to say, that everything I started to do on January 1st, I’ve kept up (well mostly).

The one challenge that I’ve fell a bit short on is the #100DaysOfCode challenge. Last weekend, I was a single parent since my wife was traveling and had to wrangle my daughter. Each day I spent some time programming, but definitely no a full hour.

Here’s a screenshot from a program called Vibe that shows you the break down of all tasks completed in OmniFocus:


Looks like I’ve got a few more things to do 🙂






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