Typical Breakfast

During my paternity leave, usually made breakfast for myself everyday. I’ve really enjoyed having a hearty breakfast, especially if I go to 5am CrossFit. 

Here’s what my breakfast has looked like durin the last week (minus the potatoes)

I start by sautéing some eggs, then add some veggies from a salad mix from Trader Joe’s. Next I add some butter and spinach and any other vegetable we have in the fridge. 

Then I add either 3 or 4 eggs and topped with some Mozzarella cheese. 

The waffle is a grain free waffle made primarily of cashews and are amazing. 

I have been avoiding grains, anything that isn’t a whole food, and sugar (and substitutes like honey or maple syrup) for the last 6.5 weeks. 

It was tough at first constantly craving sugar, but now I’m trying to see how long I can keep the streak going. 

I’m starting to see some great improvements at the gym and I’m down about 8 pounds of fat in that time (says my smart scale). 






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