Save Money with ibotta

There’s a great app that we use to save money on grocery items without clipping coupons. It’s called ibotta and I think it’s easier to use that cutting coupons.

How it works:

  • Install the app on your phone.
  • Browse through the items you are planning on buying that have a discount and select them.
  • Checkout like normal at the grocery store.
  • At home, snap a picture of the UPC and the receipt.
  • Within a few days, your account will be credited.

Between my wife and I we’ve redeemed close to $100 in gift cards to Whole Foods (you can choose between a whole slew of great gift cards as soon as you accrue $20 in rewards).

If you use this ibotta link, you’ll get a $10 referral bonus on your first redemption (and to be transparent, I get $5 for the referral).

Fully Stocked

Just got our latest shipment of grass fed beef. This is what half a cow looks like:

In total we got:

  • 20 packages of steaks (with 2 steaks per pack)
  • 13 roasts, averaging six pounds each
  • 20 packs of hamburger patties (6 burgers per pack)
  • 58 pounds of ground beef

That should make our weekly grocery bill a bit less 🙂

Turkey in February 

Two years ago, we bought two fresh grass fed turkeys at Thanksgiving and put one in the freezer.

Since we are just a few short weeks out from having a chaotic life with a newborn, I cooked the 20 pound bird today and will be making some casseroles to put in the freezer.

And of course a whole week of eating turkey 🦃

I did leave the temperature a bit too high, for too long, so the skin got a bit crispy, but since I cook it with the breast meat down, it was still tender and juicy.

4 Weeks of Paleo

Over the last few years, I’ve been a pretty clean eater.

We’ve typically eaten gluten-free, with little sugar, and the occasional dairy.

And in November, I challenged myself to eat gluten and sugar free and was successful for the entire month.

Starting today, our CrossFit gym is doing a Paleo challenge for four weeks leading up to the CrossFit Open.

Each week, we start with 35 points and for every “cheat” meal we have, we have to deduct 5 points.

We get 10 points for coming to the gym (max 30 points per week).

The winner will be based on the number of points, amount of improvement in the benchmark workout, and changes in body measurements.

A fun little challenge to hopefully make the cold Ohio winter go faster 🙂