Didn’t Last Long

I had the fastest time for today’s CrossFit workout, until the afternoon class came in. 

Five rounds of

  • 5-10-5 Shuttle Run
  • 12 Hand release push-ups
  • 24 Sit-ups 
  • 48 Double Unders

I got the first 4 rounds of double unders unbroken and got tripped up after 32 in the final round 😢

CrossFit Open

I signed up to compete in this year’s CrossFit open.

Last year I had a ton of fun, even though I had only been CrossFitting for about 5 months, I joined the world-wide competition.

Our gym does all of the workouts on Fridays and then we log our score with the official app and can see where we rank against all the other people in the world.

Here’s my ranking from last year:

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 8.40.42 PM.png

There were 178,538 worldwide men, so I scored in the top 42% and top 44% in the Central Regional.

My goal is to be in the top 35-40% after adding a year’s worth of experience.

4 Weeks of Paleo

Over the last few years, I’ve been a pretty clean eater.

We’ve typically eaten gluten-free, with little sugar, and the occasional dairy.

And in November, I challenged myself to eat gluten and sugar free and was successful for the entire month.

Starting today, our CrossFit gym is doing a Paleo challenge for four weeks leading up to the CrossFit Open.

Each week, we start with 35 points and for every “cheat” meal we have, we have to deduct 5 points.

We get 10 points for coming to the gym (max 30 points per week).

The winner will be based on the number of points, amount of improvement in the benchmark workout, and changes in body measurements.

A fun little challenge to hopefully make the cold Ohio winter go faster 🙂

Health Data Restored

I got a notification on Wednesday about a new challenge from my Apple Watch activity app and as I looked at it, I realized that I had no data prior to getting a new phone at the beginning of November.

It turns out that the data isn’t connected to your iCloud account and can only be added back to your phone by restoring from an encrypted backup.

I exported the last two months of activity from my phone and saved it to my iCloud Drive. Then I followed the steps here to restore all my Health data since May 2015.

Lastly I used this app to import the last two months of data back in.

It’s all there now, but I’m missing almost two months of rings in my Activity app. Definitely better than losing the 18 months of data.

100 Pushup Challenge

Last week at CrossFit, we had a workout that had four different moves and each move had 100 reps. The moves were box jumps, pushups, situps, and lunges. For me, the pushups were the by far the hardest.

Since this a move that I can work on at home, I found the 100 Pushup Challenge. Over the next few weeks (and while travelling next week), I’m going work on getting strong enough to do 100 consecutive pushups.

After doing the initial assessment, I was able to skip to week 3 to start the program. The last two rounds of 13 and 17 were tough! I’m excited to see how I progress thru July.