House Update – Mid August

It’s been awhile since I checked in, but mainly because we’ve been traveling and the bulk of the home work has happened in the last 7 days 🙂

Since my last post, the basement plumbing got completed and passed inspection. Our roof trusses were delivered (weird, since no other wood has been delivered) and the steel beams in the basement were delivered and set in place. And the dirt piles have been moved around the house.

On August 8th, the framers began to form up the walls for the basement. At the end of that week, is when the beams were put in place.

Picture of the area on Sunday night (when we got home from vacation)

On Monday, I had a bunch of reading and catching up on all the things that happened since I took 10 days off work, so in the morning I took my camp chair and watched them frame from the neighbor’s yard.

Here are a few pictures from Monday:

On Tuesday, the first floor flooring was completed and walls started going up:

On Wednesday, they finished constructing all of the load bearing walls and started adding the wood for the floors upstairs. Thursday it rained all day around here, so the framer’s weren’t around, but another steel beam was added in the garage.

Friday started off a bit wet, but dried out throughout the day. The crew was there and they finished up the upstairs floor. They also started to work on some of the walls upstairs.

Today, the worked a “half-day,” but they were still there when we peeked in at 2pm. The steps have been added between the main floor and upstairs and all of the outside walls have been completed.

Panorama at the top of the steps on the second floor.

The guys are super nice and they don’t mind me coming and watching and usually spend a few moments chatting with me. They said today that they’ll be here one more week and they’ll be done with everything. They only handle wood, so that means the trusses and roof will be all complete as well as all the interior walls.







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