House Update – End of August

There have been a lot of new visual changes in the second half of the month.

On Monday, August 20th, the framers continued framing on the second floor and got all of the interior walls completed. It was a bit wet, so I didn’t take many pictures.

Tuesday the morning was spent preparing the rafters and continued work on the inside of the second floor. The fireplace was frame out and closets were added.

Wednesday was a fun day to watch (which I spent a couple hours at the site 🙂 ) as the roof trusses were put on and they started the adding the plywood.

On Thursday, they finished getting all the plywood on the roof. And it really looks like a house from the outside now!


The framing crew finished up on Friday by getting all the walls ready for drywall and removed all the temporary bracing.

This past week we got most windows and doors (Tuesday) and a roof on Thursday. I’m pretty sure the roofing crew was waiting on a day that was less than 90 degrees.

Up for this week is to get the water / sewer line hooked up from the road and get the basement floor poured.

The basement floor was supposed to get done last week, but there was some “concrete emergency” on another job, so we were pushed back. There’s rain in the forecast this week, so we might get priority over some of the other jobs since ours in all inside.






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