Category: Home Improvement

  • A little bit of organization

    Our workout room has a small bump out due to the fireplace above it (honestly I have no idea why, but it’s a great space). Added a couple of shelves to get nearly all the gear off the floor.

  • Reusing it as a Shelf

    This piece of furniture once was a hutch that went over a desk. We got rid of the broken desk, but it still makes for a nice shelf.  Tonight, I cut the legs off so I could mount it to the wall. 

  • Mounted Power

    Finally got around to mounting the chargers for my new mower/leaf blowers.  My goal for the spring is to organize the garage so nothing is on the floor. 

  • More Power

    Someone thinks I need to ditch the push mower and get something with a little more power. 

  • A New Toy

    Today I gave this reel mower a spin.  I’ve got a smallish yard and thought a non-electric mower would work better than always charging my batteries for my Ryobi mower.  It did not do well on my thick, six-inch grass and was nearly impossible to push.  I’m definitely going to wait to give my final…

  • Starting to Look Like Spring

    It’s starting to look like spring here in the Miami Valley and Kenley and I spent some time fixing a few dead spots in our yard.  I really have know idea what I’m doing, but it looks like it will grow 😜

  • Snap Power

    Tonight I installed a new nightlight for the hallway as our three year old is potty trained and I wanted to give her a little light without a bulky night light and found this cool outlet cover by Snap Power. This cover is super easy to install at it pulls power from the outlet. The…

  • The day that Wasn’t

    The day that Wasn’t

    Ever have one of those days where everything is going right and you know you are going to crush your goals? Today was one of those days for me, well, until 7:30am.  I’m an early riser, so by 7:30 I had: Done my morning routine brain games (Flow Free, Elevate, and DuoLingo) Recorded this weeks…

  • More Progress

    Today I got a few things hung on the wall in the baby’s room.  The sign with a K weighs close to forty pounds, so I wanted to make sure it was secure on two studs, so this took a bit of planning to get it positioned properly.  After the holes were drilled and the…

  • Project Valence: Complete

    Finally had all the supplies and was able to build the valence for baby brother’s room this weekend. The angle of the picture makes it look crooked, but it’s definitely not 🙂

  • Blue on the Walls

    We are another step closer to finishing up the baby’s room.  And I’d say we matched the color pretty well. 

  • Working on Baby Brother’s Room

    Working on Baby Brother’s Room

    Tomorrow the baby’s is going to be painted, so I spent some time this evening prepping the room: taking down blinds, removing electrical covers, and moving furniture to the center of the room.  I also spent some time working in the garage building a valence for the room.  Three cuts and a handful of nail…

  • Next mini project

    Some supplies for my next project (and some salt for our water softener), building a valence for around the window in baby brother’s room.  Definitely didn’t want to go out to Lowe’s in the sub 10 degree weather, but everyone else stayed home so I was in and out in no time. 

  • New Obsession 

    There is a website called, that is an online auction site where you can score some significant deals. It’s a huge warehouse filled with hundreds of items. We’ve bought wine fridges as Christmas gifts, bathtubs (yes plural, as I thought I was going to be outbid, so I got two tubs for a total…

  • Finally Cut the Cord

    Finally Cut the Cord

    Last week we officially canceled our Dish Network subscription we’ve had since 2010. We don’t regularly watch television but we’ve kept the service for two reasons: Watching sports Time-shifting all content by DVRing all shows Our monthly bill was only $60 per month, so I was willing to pay for the convenience of DVR. Now…

  • Daily Blogging Hard

    Usually when I set my mind to a goal, there’s no stopping me. However, with the daily blogging goal, it’s been a struggle. Every day it’s on my to do list and it just gets pushed off until later. And I’m in no mood to publish a blog post after dinner. The first five days…

  • Starting to Look Like a Patio

    Over the last few days our backyard has undergone some huge transformations. Dump trucks full of gravel and sand have been brought in with a bobcat and the ground is now perfectly level. Last Friday, the sitting wall got started and today pavers began to be laid. Looks like surface is about 75% completed now.…

  • A Dirt Patch

    Today the concrete slab and lilac bush were removed from our backyard and we’ve got a big lovely dirt patch of where the patio is going to go.

  • Goodbye Concrete Slab

    Ever since we’ve moved into our house (August 2010), we’ve hated our outdoor living space. Our house had a 12′ by 12′ concrete slab, which wasn’t quite big enough for our six person table, grill and tower garden. When we had people over, we brought out the folding chairs and table and placed them on…

  • Rain Barrel Installed

    First weekend project completed! Capturing rain water to water our landscaping / garden.