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  • Shortcut to connect AirPods

    I’m a big fan of Apple’s AirPods and they are normally connected to my phone to listen to a podcast. It’s always a bit tedious to connect to my MacBook Pro for team calls, until now. I found this great Alfred Workflow (at the bottom of the article) to quickly connect. It works great!  

  • New Siri Watch Face

    I like the Siri watch face in WatchOS 4, as it normally shows my upcoming calendar appointments, but I don’t have anything, it shows a cute message like this: Even though it’s 1:15 PM

  • Bad Idea

    How To Bypass Chrome’s HSTS Warnings Simple article to point out how to get around Chrome’s error page when viewing an HTTPS site that doesn’t have a valid SSL security. Simply type badidea on the page, and the site will load.

  • A Million Page Views a Month

    If you are looking to improve your strategy on getting page views to your site, I’d recommend checking out this article about Tony Robbins’ site; it gets more than a million page views per month!

  • Efficient Elevators

    At this Marriott hotel, you pick which floor you are going to and it tells you what elevator to get it.  Seems really efficient to me. 

  • Add Credibility to Your Website with Testimonials

    This has been on my Your Website Engineer to do list for a very long time! Display customer and client testimonials to promote your work or business. via Add Credibility to Your Website with Testimonials — Discover

  • How to Build a JavaScript SlideShow in 3 Easy Steps

    Could be a fun weekend project for an upcoming WordCamp talk. If you’ve read our guide on how to make a website, you may be wondering what to do next to improve your skills. Making a photo slideshow is a surprisingly easy task, and one that can teach you valuable skills needed to get a…

  • 4.8 and What’s Coming via Matt Mullenweg

    Last week we released version 4.8 “Evans” of WordPress, as I write this it has had about 4.8 million downloads already. The release was stable and has been received well, and we were able do the merge and beta a bit faster than we have before. When I originally wrote about the three focuses for… via…

  • Trip to the Apple Store

    My dad needs a new phone and since it’s a perfect day, the three of us adventured out to the Greene (local outdoor mall) to the Apple Store.  Little bro slept thru the whole experience, but big sis enjoyed playing with the kid’s iPads. 

  • Usage Stats

    Call me a geek, but I enjoy these emails each month when my house and car let me know how they’ve been doing.

  • Scratched!

    I’ve been an iPhone user since the iPhone 4 and have never had a case. Over the course of the life of the phone, I’ve scratched the edges, but nothing too major.  Today, as we were playing in the basement, my phone got underneath a kid’s wooden rocking chair and it got quite a few…

  • Mac and Gmail Hacking

    I love finding new ways to speed up my work on a computer. I already do a lot of things in this video, but the main tip I picked up is to speed up the tracking of my mouse, game changer!

  • Creepy Facebook 

    This sponsored product showed up on my Facebook feed today.  Clearly I’m in their target as my last name is printed on the shirt, but still a bit creepy. 

  • Model S or Model 3

    Unless the Tesla Model S comes down significantly in price, I think I’ll have to opt for the Model 3. I love the idea of having a battery operated car (since I have a battery powered mower), but right now the base price is much too high for me to splurge on. Here are the…

  • Here EGO

    A few days ago I posted about buying a new reel mower for our grass. This wasn’t the optimal solution. If the grass was too long, the mower didn’t work right and my old battery powered Ryobi mower wasn’t holding a charge long enough to mow my whole yard. After a bit of research, I…

  • Home Screen April 2017

  • Initial Impression: Apple AirPods

    I got a pair of Apple AirPods this week and I’m impressed with them. I’ve had a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones for awhile (Bragi) but they are too cumbersome to set up for 5-10 minutes of podcast listening. I’m able to catch up with podcasts in the early morning as that’s my designated time…

  • WordPress Update for iPad

    We’ve redesigned the iOS app to work even better for publishing right from your tablet. via A New WordPress App Update, Designed for the iPad — The Blog

  • Grow Your Email List

    I’ve been using ConvertKit to deliver email messages for my podcast listeners for about 13 months now. It’s way more powerful than MailChimp or Aweber, and much less expensive than Infusionsoft. I wanted to share with you a 72-Hour List Building Challenge hosted by ConvertKit that starts tomorrow! This is a FREE, three-day challenge that includes…

  • New 404 Page

    During my #100DaysOfCode challenge, I’ve been looking around my websites to see what’s broken / needs fixed and I stumbled upon my 404 page was broken. Kinda of funny that the page that displays when you land on a broken link was broken. I added an opt-in form to the page to see if I…

  • Elon Musk’s Biography

    I heard about the book on a podcast recently and since I’m a fan of the Tesla brand, I decided to get the book from the library. It’s a fascinating look into the mind of one of the most powerful brains in the world. I think he’s changed the world with his thinking about electric cars…

  • Speed Up Videos

    I can typically consume content much faster than real-times speed, so I have a Chrome extension that allows me to speed up all videos. It’s called Video Speed Controller. I have it set on 1.5 speed by default, but normally bump it up to 2 or 2.5 depending on the type of video. And if the plugin…

  • New MacBook Pro

    New MacBook Pro

    I got the newest MacBook pro late in December as my new work machine and after a few weeks of using it here are my thoughts: I’m a fan of the keyboard. The buttons feel solid and they don’t travel too much. It took a few days to get used to it. Now I don’t…

  • I Don’t Know Where You Are Right Now

    Today, when I was trying to figure out when we’ll be out of the bone chilling weather, I used the Siri button on my TouchBar and asked what the forecast was for the week and here’s her response: 😂