July 2017 Recap

Each month I have a reminder to write down a summary of what happened during the month, and each month, I snooze it until next month. But not today 🙂

Lots went on in July. Here’s some of the highlights.

  • First full* month back to work after paternity leave. *I didn’t actually work the full month and had plenty of days off.
  • I grew some gigantic zucchini
  • Ate donuts and travelled to Nashville for the weekend
  • Started checking my email less, and when I do check it, plow thru all the messages
  • Started working on my Spanish with the Memrise app
  • Hosted a block party at our house to meet some of the neighbors we’ve never talked to in the seven years we’ve lived at our house
  • Celebrated 10 years of marriage
  • Competed in my first ever CrossFit competiton and was sore for a good 5 days
  • Started to up my programming skills by using Apple’s Swift Playgrounds. It’s almost like a game and super fun
  • Our son turned 4 months, began rolling and nearly has two bottom teeth


In July I read two fiction books and parts of several non-fiction books. I completed:

  • Camino Island by John Grisham
  • No Middle Name: short stories about Jack Reacher by Lee Child

I’m still working thru Tim Ferris’ Tools of the Titans and Deep Work by Cal Newport. Let’s see if I can finish these up by the end of the month.





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