House Update – End of October

Another month has come and went and they are still working on our house 🙂

Even though it seemed like there were a lot of days where nothing happened, progress was made. These things specifically:

  • All rough electrical work
  • Media rough wiring (for Ethernet and speakers)
  • Each electrical / plumbing / gas / house structure inspection failed at least once, but in the end they all passed
  • We had a pre-drywall meeting where I caught a few electrical mistakes
  • Exterior trim was installed
  • Garage doors were hung
  • House was completely insulated
  • Drywall was almost all hung
  • The brick crew continued to work, but they were thwarted by running out of sand (one day), then bricks (two days later) and now rain this week.
  • The electric and gas lines were hooked up to the house
  • And the exterior painting started

We’ve got a busy month of December, so hopefully all things will be completed this month so we can move during November.






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